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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Charlie & Rufus: Giggling in the sea

What a week this has been!  The sun has lifted our spirits and we have remembered how much fun summer can be - albeit actually just Spring.  Last Wednesday we drove down to the Devon/Dorset border in search of fossils.  Spent the day on Charmouth beach, hammering stones, playing in the surf and eating our first beach bbq of the year.  It was bliss.  And did we find a dino?  Rufus is very proud...


Image via Pinterest
Four days!  I may not be into the whole jesus thing, sorry if you are but I'm not, but I do like having the four day weekend.  HURRAH!  Four days to play.

I am also not into the whole decorating for Easter either.  Nor eating masses of chocolate with our names on, nor blowing eggs or any of that saccharine sweet pink fluffy stuff that Easter seems to bring.  Yes, you can keep your bunny bunting, your endless pink ranunculus, striped straws, massive chocolate eggs, and, dare I say it, the over use of a succulent?.... is it me or has blogging become all a bit samey?

No thanks!

But that's just me.  If you like it, then go for it, and do it to the max.  

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Me, well we like to dye our own eggs, hard boiled.  Attach them to blossom branches. Have a few egg boxes with mini eggs dotted around for the kids.  And if I remember I shall take a photo for you! 

I am also going to attempt to make some Hot Cross Buns for the #52loavesproject.  And also some more Wild Garlic Foccacia - friends and family have put their orders in.

On Easter Sunday we are having a feast at my parents with the rest of my brothers and family.  A simple gathering of nice food and laughter.

Whatever you are up to have a Happy Easter all...

p.s. apologies if I have offended anyone, but I am bored of the same old shit.

Go Wild Forest School...

The first week of the Easter holidays for Charlie was spent in the woods.  Lucky bean, attended our local Forest School - Go Wild Education.


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Charlie: Proud of his den that he made at Forest School. I loved the moss covered floor. It was so soft. 

Rufus: An afternoon scooting the neighbourhood, just us.  I love one to one.

A sunny, beautiful Easter Break. We are blessed.  Last week Charlie came down with 24hour vomiting bug, poor thing, missing a day of Forest School. The bug only effected him and Dan. So whilst they were convalescing on the sofa, Ru and I went for a long walk/scoot around the 'hood.


image via pinterest
April - came in quickly and quietly. Kind of crept up on me.  I feel I've been sleeping a little this Spring. Spending far too much time sitting at my desk and not out there seeing the change of season in all it's glory.  Before I know it the blossom will have finished and the trees will be in full leaf... and I'd have missed this special time of year.  I need to get out more!

Right now, we are thankfully having the school Easter Holidays.  It's silly.  I feel somewhat panicking that the are days tripping by so quickly, I feel I haven't achieved all that I wanted... so much to do with my boys, these days are so precious.

Here are some things on our Easter break list...

* Gather wild garlic, make pesto & focaccia.  Eat nettle soup.  Make tender dandelion leaf omelette... mmmm

* Go see the drifts of bluebells.  This is a must!  To walk in dappled woodlands, among these wonderful British wildflowers is truly the best thing about Spring.  I adore them.

* Make Easter decorations.  I quite fancy these.  But I know the boys will want to do these.

* Visit the Jurassic coast.  Off on a fossil hunt.

* Charlie is at Forest School this week... so just Ru and I shall be hanging together.  Bike riding and allotmenting.

* Sowing seeds.  We still need to sow some pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers & sweet peas!

* Making bread for the #52loavesproject

* Eating a feast on Easter Sunday - an egg hunt, and plenty of chocolate!

* Hanging with good friends... spending quality time. No rushing, just being.

So if you are on Easter Break - or just wishing to slow down and enjoy the season - have a lovely one...